Friday, 15 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 14.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:      Year 3                      Week Ending: 14/6/2018
Spelling words this week are some more unusual words with qu and squ e.g. squint, squiggle and quiver. Again, we have spent a lot of time this week studying our words. Please check that children can write their own sentences using the twenty words. I have included an extra sheet this week to help with this. Please collect all the spelling packs together and put them in a folder. This is a valuable resource bank that the children can continue to use into Year 4. We completed a practice comprehension in preparation for next weeks assessments. At the end of the week I will send home a revision pack with some comprehensions and some grammar practice. Please dont forget to use the literacy workbook that children took home last week. In grammar this week, we practised our punctuation, in preparation for the writing assessment next week.
In maths this week, we have continued our work on money. We looked at some more word problems related to using currency. We spent the rest of the week revisiting some of the topics we have covered over the past two terms- division with remainders, telling the time and fractions. Please continue to use the revision pack I sent home last week. It is a mixed ability pack from Emerging to Mastering level. Children may not necessarily be able to complete all questions. Text book three will be sent home on Thursday. This can also be used for revision.
We continued with some revision work. Reinforcing understanding of key words, answering short answer questions and some longer response questions. Please encourage children to look at the science section about forces and motion. The assessment is on forces and motion only. Topic Four.
This week we combined our Humanities with PSHE to make cards for Fathers Day
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
Card making for Fathers Day.

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