Friday, 1 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 31st of May 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:      Year 3                      Week Ending: 31/5/2018
Spelling words this week are verbs ending in ed and ing suffixes e.g. laughing, admitted, worrying and sobbed. We spent a lot of lesson time studying the words and learned how to place them in the correct context. Please help children complete their own sentences at home using the spelling words. This week, we looked at another non-chronological report about Desert Meerkats. We looked at the structure of the text and use of punctuation. The children then wrote their own comprehension questions for their peers to answer. In grammar, we looked at clauses and connectives. Children now know the difference between a simple sentence and a compound sentence. We used connectives such as and, but and so to change simple sentences into compound sentences. Next week, children will start research for writing their own non-chronological report.
We started the week by looking at direction. The children used a map with various locations to describe their direction of travel e.g. from the lighthouse to the hotel is North. Some children are able to give more complex instructions using direction and distance. We then moved on to checking our understanding of weight. Children can now convert from grams to kilograms and kilograms to grams. We also looked at word problems using weight. At the end of the week ,we started to look at Venn and Carroll diagrams. The children were able to sort information into the correct sections of the Venn diagrams. We also sorted information into a Carroll diagram. This is a two way table used for grouping things in a yes/no fashion. Next week, we will look at some more complex examples. Please make sure children are working through the times tables pack that was sent home last week. Children will be given their student books to take home. Please spend time with children going through some of the themes of learning. Next week, I will provide a revision pack to help with revision at home.
This week, we finished our work on forces and motion, topic 4. Children copied the topic summary and completed some practice questions. Next week, we will do some more revision practice. Topic four will be the focus for the end of term assessment. I am sending them home with a list of key vocabulary and definitions. Please make sure the children learn this. Bitesize Revision for Key Stage Two also has some interactive activities children can do at home-  . Go to Key Stage Two Science - Physical Processes. There are videos to watch and quizzes to complete. This is also a good website to use for Maths and English revision. I demonstrated the website to children, so they know how to use it.
This week, we spent the time on our science work. Next week we will spend time in the ICT room doing some research about different countries. The children will use this information to write their non- chronological fact based report for literacy.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week, we discussed the importance of respect. The importance of respecting other peoples property and that we all need to be responsible for our own actions.

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