Saturday, 26 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 24 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class: Year 3                      Week Ending: 24/5/2018
Spelling words this week all have a silent consonant, such as, knowledge, buffet and gourmet. I am pleased that children are getting good marks when recalling how to spell the words. However, the children must learn to place words in sentences independently. Please check through the spelling pack each week and help children clarify the meaning.  We continued with our unit of work called Our World. We learnt how to write a description of our local area, using appropriate vocabulary such as neighbour, crowded, noisy etc. We completed comprehension questions using full complete sentences. The focus being correct spellings and presentation.
We carried on with our work on graphs. This week we learnt how to interpret and construct line graphs. We also looked at pictographs and made up our own appropriate symbols to represent things such as number of hospitals, cafes etc. I gave children a revision pack for times tables. This contains lots of questions games and puzzles. Please encourage children to do this at home.
We had another fun session in the science laboratory. This week, we investigated friction. The children helped demonstrate how different balls such as glass, rubber and clay move at different speeds down ramps of different surfaces. Later during the week we wrote up what we had found out as a scientific experiment.
This week, we studied humanities through the literacy unit. The comprehension was non-fiction information about living on a cattle station in the Australian outback. We had discussions about what life there is like. How remote it is, the climate, how vast Australia is and how the children living in these areas are educated.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week we discussed living in society with a disability. How we can show empathy for this and tried to imagine the difficulties some people have to overcome. We then completed fun sheets using the braille alphabet. This links with the work we have done previously in science about our senses.

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