Saturday, 19 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review -Week Ending: 17th of May

Weekly Learning Review
Class:  Year 1                                  Week Ending: 3rd May 2018
This week, students have been exploring the idea of paragraphs.
·          Recognizing when to begin a new paragraph
·          Children were asked to develop their creative writing skills using their senses
·          Children were shown the format of a letter and how we begin letters
·          Recognizing that some verbs are spelt completely different when we put them a past tense context.
·         Students can recognize the hundreds, tens and ones with ease.
·         Rounding up 2 digit numbers to the closest 10 with the help of a scale
·         Student were also taught why we round up and how we can use it in our everyday life
·         Students were also given subtraction word problems and were shown the easy way of answering them
Children were told about our Solar System, the Sun and the Earth. They were informed on why the Sun is so important to our planet and what would happen if we did not have the sun.
·         Students learned about what other countries are on the same continent as us.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
·         Diversity – why it’s a good thing that we’re all different
·         What’s special about your friend
Miss Remmii

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