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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 19 April 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:      Year 3                      Week Ending: 19/4/2018
Spelling words this week are oi sounding words e.g. toy, broil, and voyage. Again we spent a lot of time in class completing worksheets. This involved correcting sentences and putting words in alphabetical order. We also wrote our own sentences using the words correctly. Please can I encourage you to help children at home with using each weeks spelling words correctly. In grammar we learnt how to use exclamation marks in the correct way. We started a new unit of work called our Sensational Senses. We clarified some key vocabulary, read a poem about our five senses and completed some comprehension questions. This links well with the work we have been doing in science. The aim of the unit is that we will write and act out a play script. 
We had a really productive week revising our multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We tackled some more word problems for each topic. I am really pleased that most children can confidently add and subtract four digit numbers, with borrowing and carrying. Also most students can multiply three by one digit numbers. We also started to look at angles. Children can now identify right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. Please can I ask you to continue practising times tables at home - all tables up to 12x9
We started our unit of work on forces and motion. We talked about push-pull forces and where we use them in real life- a fun video helped to show forces in motion. We introduced some key vocabulary. Children should now know the meaning of inertia and friction. I am really pleased with the level of class discussion during these lessons. The children have lots of interesting ideas and questions.
We had a great lesson learning all about the rainforests. We now know where they are located in the world and the species that live there. We also know why rainforests are so important. We watched a video to see all the fascinating creatures that live in the forests. We linked this in with our science work by thinking about the things we could hear, see, feel and smell in the rainforests. We also learnt how to write about a location properly. The children wrote a geographical description about the location of IBSA school.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week, we discussed the difference between needs and wants. As a class, we made a list of our needs and wants. We also discussed that everyones needs and wants will be different. We also acknowledged that we are very privileged to be able to have luxury items, many people in the world do not.

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