Saturday, 17 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 9th of March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class:      Year 3                      Week Ending: 15/3/2018
We have spent time this week looking again at answering comprehension questions. We looked at an information text about the festival of Diwali. We discussed features of the writing and how punctuation was used in the text. Children then answered some comprehension questions. The focus being, neat handwriting, correct spelling, correct punctuation and full complete sentences. I am still encouraging children to do their best in all aspects of written work. For homework this week, children are doing a piece of creative writing. I have provided a checklist to go with this writing. Please read the story with your child once it has been completed and fill in the checklist. I am hoping this will be a way to improve the quality and quantity of work written.  Spelling words this week are long a sounding words such as faint, shape, basic and weight. I am pleased that most children are spelling the words correctly. However some children are struggling with using the words correctly in sentences. We spent a lot of time this week studying the words. Please check the spelling pack with the children and go through the sheets again with them. Please also help the children write out twenty of their own sentences using the model answers that I have provided. In grammar this week, we have revised parts of speech in preparation for the assessments. Children are now fully confident with identifying nouns, adjectives and adverbs. We also looked at subjects and verbs in sentences. The homework sheet on commas should also help children improve their punctuation.
 This week, we revised our skills with addition and subtraction. We also learnt how to add and subtract using a decimal. We also revised 100s squares and how to complete missing sections, by counting in 1s across and 10s down. We finished the week by identifying different kinds of prisms e.g. cone, pyramid cube and counting the number of sides and faces for each prism. On Sunday, I will be providing the children with a revision pack. I will expect them to complete this at home. They must come to see me during snack or break times with any problems they have. I am really pleased to see the improvement with the times tables. Practice makes perfect! Please can I ask again that children keep up the good work at home with their times tables.
In science this week, we have started some revision. They will be having an assessment next Thursday. Please can you make sure they revise all the work we have done this term.  Your Senses, Exercise, Eating the Right Food, Classifying Living Things, Parts of Plants and Plant and Animal Adaptations. I will send them home on Sunday with their copy books, student books and workbooks to help with their revision.
We finished our work on Greek Gods. The children completed the cutting and sticking sheet. They now know about the twelve Olympian Gods. We finished by watching the Myth about Medusa.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
We have spent much time this week preparing for our assembly on Empathy. Some of the children have shown a really mature attitude to this. I am also pleased that all children wanted to participate. Reading, role playing or singing our song. I am looking forward to showing the rest of the school our hard work.

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