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Weekly Learning Review :Week Ending: 8 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 3                          Week Ending: 8/3/2018
This week, we have been continuing our work on formal letter writing. Through this unit of work, we have studied suffixes such as ful and ness, singular and plural rules and, finally, we looked at apostrophes. We looked at a model formal letter and discussed key features. Children have begun to write their own formal letters. Spelling words this week were silent e after a consonant and a vowel such adore, blame and evaporate. I am really pleased that children are gaining high marks in the spelling part of the test. However, when students are writing their sentences using the spelling words, it is clear that some children are not sure of the meaning. Please spend time with children each week on this. The sheets that go with the spellings help the children to understand and practice the meaning. Please could I ask you that each week children at home write their own sentences using the words correctly. I am trying really hard to encourage children to take pride in their written work, could you also check that homework each week is presented to a good standard. Proof reading of work is really important.
Another fabulous week in maths. We had lots of fun learning how to tell the time to five minutes on an analogue clock face. Most children are now confident using the twelve hour clock format. Please ask them to tell you the time regularly at home so they can keep practising. Some children are also confident using the twenty four hour clock system. We finished the week revising some of the concepts we have been learning since January. Please also continue with multiplication practice at home. We have been consolidating our learning of the tables up to 12x9. Last weeks tests results from most children were very pleasing.
In science this week, we had lots of really good discussions about what makes a healthy happy person. We watched a short video presentation about this. The children now understand the importance of regular exercise enough sleep and so on. Please ensure children continue to come to school with lots of healthy food, to help them get through the day.
We are continuing our work on Ancient Greece. This week, we focused on the gods of ancient Greece. Children now know about the twelve main gods of Mount Olympus. What their role was and how Ancient Greeks worshipped their gods. We finished by watching an animation about the myth of how the seasons came to be.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week, we have focused on empathy and the importance of being able to put ourselves in the position of someone else.

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