Saturday, 3 February 2018

Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 1st of February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:      Year 3                      Week Ending: 1/2/2018
We are continuing our work on mysteries. We have learnt about prefixes this week, through reading the mystery story. Children now understand what a prefix is and how to use it properly. Comprehension this week was completed using a fun article from the science lesson about photosynthesis. Some children still need encouragement to answer in full detailed sentences. I am also trying to encourage children to proof read work. Hopefully, this way there will be fewer errors with spelling and punctuation. Please could you also check this at home. We have done our planning for creative writing. This week, it is about completing the mystery story we have read. The writing will be completed on Thursday. Spelling this week was short a and short e vowel sound. Most children are successfully spelling the words, but still need more guidance with meaning. Please could this be checked at home as well, to reinforce learning from class.
This week, we watched a fun video presentation about odd and even numbers. Children then practiced various questions to work out whether numbers were odd or even. We have also practiced more addition. We started with some simple two digit by two digit sums and then moved on to four by four digit calculations, carrying the one across. The answers were then put into a crossword puzzle. Finally we looked at how to solve word problems properly using addition calculations.
In science this week, we discovered how plants grow. We watched a fun video and had good questions and answers about the topic. Children worked together in small groups and presented to the class about what they had learnt. I am very pleased as some of the children have learnt some difficult vocabulary related to this topic.
We have started to look at volcanoes. We have looked at pictures of volcanic eruptions and made our own list of vocabulary to use when describing them. We have also started to look at the eruption of Mt. St Helens. Next week, children will complete a detailed story board about the eruption.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week, we have started some work on decision making. We did some role play situations.

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