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Weekly Learning Review : 18th of January 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   Year 3                                        Week Ending: 18.1.18
This week, we have spent time learning how to answer comprehension questions. Full detailed sentences need to be used with as much information from the text as possible. Please ensure that the comprehension questions are answered in this way for homework. Please avoid one- word answers. Spelling words this week are focused on the long a and short a vowel sound. We spent time discovering the meaning of the words and how to use them in sentences. The children have various sheets to help them with the spelling words, such as crosswords, word searches and alphabetical order sheets. It is really important that children know the meaning of the words as well as how to spell them. In Grammar, we have revisited parts of speech; with a focus on picking the features of speech out in sentences. We are continuing to develop cursive writing every day. Please continue to support children with this at home, making sure that presentation is the best possible. In creative writing, we followed on from the comprehension story. Children wrote about a familiar setting to them, including as many adjectives as possible.
We started the week by revisiting rounding numbers. Children should now be able to round numbers to the nearest ten. Through the rest of the week, we concentrated on comparing and ordering numbers. Children should now be able  to compare and order numbers up to 1000.
In Science, we have been looking at the five senses. We watched a short video to reinforce our learning. We had lots of great discussion about our senses and how amazing the human body is. The children summarised the main points in their copy books.
We continued our work on the weather . We focussed on extreme weather conditions around the word. The children watched some short video clips as lesson starters and wrote short news summaries.
Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education
This week we have started a unit of work on communication. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at the importance of body language; facial expression, and the importance of being able to  express ourselves without words.
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