Friday, 27 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review

Weekly Learning Review

Class: Year 3 – Gentle Giraffes     Week Ending: 26-10-17
This week, the children performed their class assembly which was an enormous success. Everyone took part in it and performed in an outstanding way.
In Literacy, we have finished reading Flat Stanley. In addition to this, the children have bettered their use of figurative language and are able to recognize rhetorical devices with certain ease.
In Guided Reading, they have worked on implied meanings as a means to improve their comprehension skills.

In Maths, the children’s learning has been focused on division. Children are now able to use different pictorial representations in order to carry out their operations. For example, grouping; using arrays; subtracting or using a number line - the strategies that we have learned during the week.
The children have learned how the human skeleton is organized by looking at each other’s bodies and guessing where the main bones are located.
They have drawn a human skeleton by sensing where those bigger bones are within our body.
Human and natural features have been the topic during this week. The children are now able to recognize some landforms and they can say whether they are natural or man-made.
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